Pat's Peak

With electricity rates on the rise for many New Englanders, large power consumers are especially concerned about the impact on their budgets. Thankfully, there are a number of ways that businesses can cut back and save big. By being able to access energy efficiency programs through NH Saves and PSNH, companies all over New Hampshire are going green while saving some green. Just look at what these businesses are doing:

PSNH Mobile Response Center

PSNH sends line crews, support resources to restore power in the Pine Tree State

More than two dozen Public Service New Hampshire personnel headed to the state of Maine Monday morning to help restore power to homes and businesses that were impacted by the weekend wind and snow storm.

With nearly all customers here at home back online, the New Hampshire crews will assist Central Maine Power (CMP) Company, which reported more than 80-thousand customers still without power at midday Monday.

Autumn leaves at Energy Park

I’ve stopped using my air conditioner and dehumidifier for the season. Why doesn’t my bill go down?

As summer turns to fall and fall into winter, many customers believe that they should see a decrease in their bill. But even though you’re no longer using air conditioners to beat the heat, many devices and appliances you use during the colder weather months can cause your electric bill to increase significantly.

EV charger

Electric Vehicle Charging Station – Available to the Public

Green drivers in the greater Nashua area now have a new place to fill up with the publically-available electric vehicle (EV) charging station unveiled Wednesday at the city’s Elm Street Parking Garage.

PSNH Suggests Energy Efficiency as First Line of Defense Against Winter Energy Costs

Manchester, NH. (October 15, 2014) – With the chill of winter fast approaching, PSNH wants customers to know there are several options available to reduce the amount of energy they use to help keep bills in check. Besides these energy efficiency options, the company also offers budget billing, as well as savings programs specifically designed for income-eligible customers.

“We support our customers’ efforts to manage their energy costs,” said Penni Conner, Senior Vice President and Chief Customer Officer at Northeast Utilities, PSNH’s parent company. “Our energy efficiency programs are designed to help folks reduce their usage, tighten-up their homes, and ensure every energy dollar is spent effectively.”

Because now is the best time to begin taking action to prepare for winter energy costs, PSNH is proactively reaching out to customers with helpful suggestions.

Becki and Joanne

National Customer Service Week

In ever-increasing numbers, PSNH customers are turning to social media applications, such as Twitter and Facebook, to not only get the most current information during a power outage, but to interact with Media Relations and Call Center employees who often can provide “instant” answers or guidance to common questions throughout the year.

tree trimming

With 11,000 miles of overhead distribution lines in the most forested state in the country, year-round tree trimming in New Hampshire is a high priority for PSNH to maintain and improve system reliability. Through July, out of 2,700 miles of lines to be covered in 2014, PSNH had trimmed 1,700 miles and removed more than 9,000 hazard trees.

Inaugural “Plug-In” at Redhook Brewery

PORTSMOUTH, N.H. (September 16, 2014) – Green drivers in the Seacoast area now have a new location to power up their electric vehicles with the publically-available EV charging station unveiled today at the Redhook Brewery at the Pease International Tradeport.

Redhook, thanks to a partnership with Public Service of New Hampshire (PSNH), is making this charging station available to the public, free of charge! Redhook has also purchased Renewable Energy Credits to offset the electricity used by the station as well as the rest of the facility, making the Brewery one of the greenest places to be seen on the Seacoast.

PSNH Anticipates Stable Energy Charge

Manchester, NH (September 16, 2014) –Public Service of New Hampshire is anticipating its energy charge will drop slightly next year, but cautioned that the regional energy market remains extremely volatile. The company is not requesting a rate change at this time, but in a forecast filed this week with state regulators, PSNH said it expects a two to three percent reduction in its Energy Service Charge on January 1st. The rate forecast will be updated with the most current numbers in a December filing with the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission (NHPUC).

It’s National Preparedness Month

MANCHESTER, N.H. (September 9, 2014) – September is National Preparedness Month and with the height of Atlantic hurricane season upon us, Public Service of New Hampshire is reminding customers that now is the time to prepare for emergencies.

“We don’t know exactly what Mother Nature has in store this fall and the coming winter, but by working together we can be better prepared to respond,” said Joe Purington, PSNH Vice President of Electric Operations. “We focus year-round on emergency preparedness. We’ve focused on our processes and our use of technology to improve storm restoration, and we have also worked with the municipalities we serve and community organizations to be a trusted partner in emergency preparedness and response.”