I have to do some digging but am worried I might hit underground power lines. What should I do?

Wait! Before lifting that shovel, dial 8-1-1. That’s the toll-free number to Dig Safe, a nonprofit clearinghouse that helps you work around utilities safely.

Right of Way Trimming Begins in August

Manchester, NH (July 18, 2014) – As part of scheduled maintenance work and in an effort to improve reliability, Public Service of New Hampshire (PSNH) will trim and clear an existing power distribution right of way that runs from the Lost Nation substation in Groveton to West Stewartstown. The right of way also passes through the communities of Stratford, Columbia, and Colebrook.

Durgin and Crowell Lumber Recognized as “State Champion” of Energy Efficiency

MANCHESTER, N.H. (June 24, 2014) – Public Service of New Hampshire customer Durgin and Crowell Lumber Company has been recognized by Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships (NEEP) for its outstanding efforts to advance energy efficiency. The company, based in Springfield, New Hampshire, was named a 2014 “Northeast Business Leader for Energy Efficiency” and “Business Leader State Champion” at the Northeast Energy Efficiency Summit held recently in Newport, Rhode Island.

PSNH nominated Durgin and Crowell Lumber for the NEEP awards after working with the company on a number of projects aimed at utilizing energy more efficiently to reduce overall consumption and costs.

Durgin and Crowell

Collins Named PSNH Media Specialist

MANCHESTER, N.H. (June 20, 2014) – Public Service of New Hampshire has named Lauren Collins Media Specialist. In that role, Collins will be responsible for media relations and serving as a company spokesperson. She assumes the role held by Michael Skelton, who was recently named to head the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce.

PSNH Requests Overall Rate Reduction

Manchester, NH (June 16, 2014) – A reduction in overall rates for Public Service of New Hampshire customers is expected beginning July 1st. PSNH has asked regulators to make a series of adjustments to various charges. If all of the requested changes are made, an average residential customer will see a monthly bill reduction of about three-tenths of a percent.

PSNH’s charges are set by state regulators to reflect the company’s actual costs. In its recent filing with the NH Public Utilities Commission, PSNH has requested reductions in its Distribution, Transmission, and Stranded Cost Recovery charges, and a slight increase in its Energy Service charge—to reflect higher energy costs experienced during the winter period.

PSNH Prepares for Summer Spikes, Seasonal Storms

Manchester, NH (June 9, 2014)—With summer nearly upon us, Public Service of New Hampshire is letting customers know the company is prepared for the annual spike in electricity use and onset of seasonal storms that come with the hot weather. As increasing temperatures prompt heightened use of air conditioning in homes and businesses, demand for electricity across New England is historically at its highest during the summer months. And, with hurricane season officially here, this is also the time of year when more frequent storms could pose a threat to the electric grid.

With New Hampshire being the most forested state in the country, it makes sense that falling tree limbs are the number one cause of power outages across the state. In order to maintain and improve reliability, PSNH pro-actively trims trees and vegetation near power lines that could cause power outages and poses a risk to public safety.

AMR Meter

My meter looks different. Did you change it?

We’re taking many steps at PSNH to upgrade our electric system to ensure you have safe and reliable power for the future. One of these upgrades is to your meter that measures how much electricity you use each month.

PSNH Provides July Rate Estimate

Manchester, NH (May 2, 2014) –Public Service of New Hampshire today filed with state regulators its estimate of rate adjustments that may be necessary on July 1st. The company is not now requesting a change but, based primarily on volatile energy market costs, an increase of about two percent to average overall rates is anticipated.

The company is forecasting an Energy Service rate of 9.98 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh) effective July 1st, compared to its current Energy Service rate of 9.23 cents/kWh. The anticipated change in the Energy Service rate is due mainly to higher energy market prices experienced during the recent winter months, and the forecast of higher market prices for the remainder of the year. The anticipated Energy Service rate increase will be somewhat offset by an expected decrease in the company’s Stranded Cost Recovery Charge.

plan before you plant

Today is Arbor Day and plenty of our neighbors will spend the weekend planting new trees in their yards. But what kind of tree should you plant? Shopping for saplings in a nursery is nice, but just like browsing catalogue photos on your iPad, you really don’t get a sense of what a tree will look like in the real world. You need something more like a showroom. With that in mind, we invite you to visit the Utility Arboretum at the Urban Forestry Center in Portsmouth.