Energy Efficiency Rebates Light Up Merrimack Company

For a cutting edge manufacturing firm like Elbit Systems of America, finding efficiencies large or small while doing business is critical to ensuring growth and success in today’s economy. That’s why despite being focused on manufacturing state-of-the-art medical instruments and components for the defense and aviation industries, Elbit chose to upgrade the outdoor lighting at its Daniel Webster Highway facility in Merrimack.

“By upgrading our outdoor lighting to new LED fixtures, we not only will see significant energy savings, but these new fixtures require less maintenance and have a longer life span than our previous lighting fixtures,” says facilities manager Tom Slosek. “Coupled with the rebate from PSNH, these benefits made this investment an easy decision.”

The new LED light fixtures are estimated to save Elbit about 110,000 kilowatt hours per year and lower energy costs by about $13,000. Elbit qualified for a $22,000 rebate on this investment through PSNH’s [email protected] Large Business Retrofit Program. “Elbit makes systems that perform to the highest reliability and quality standards for our Armed Forces, and they seek the same reliability and quality for the outdoor lighting on their parking lots and walkways,” says PSNH account executive Robert Krey.

PSNH’s [email protected] Large Business Retrofit Program provides commercial and industrial customers with incentives to retrofit aging or inefficient systems with energy-efficient solutions. For more information, contact a PSNH Account Executive at 1–800–662–7764.