December 2008 Ice Storm

PSNH customers reflect on storm...

In a recent survey of 400 PSNH customers conducted by Lombardo Consulting Group, the severity of the unprecedented December 2008 ice storm remains top of mind.  Survey results indicate that 95 percent of PSNH customers view the December 2008 ice storm as severe and likely one of the worst storms ever, and more than 50 percent have taken steps to prepare for future storms as a result.

View key data slides regarding the customer survey.

View the complete press release on the survey.

Record Outage — Record Recovery

In early February 2009, PSNH released a comprehensive report that details the restoration effort that followed the December 11–12, 2008 Ice Storm.

How Was this Storm Different?

Everyone involved agrees that the damage and electrical outages caused by this ice storm was unprecendented in New Hampshire history. But how was this storm different from all of the prior events, such as the Ice Storm of January 1998? Check out our Special Report which includes a podcast interview with a meteorologist from Plymouth State University.