An Ayers Island osprey

Three osprey chicks were hatched and are being raised at the nest adjacent to the PSNH Ayers Island hydroelectric facility. The birds can be viewed on a streaming web camera.

This season marks the ninth year we’ve been watching the ospreys at Ayers Island. They first arrived in 2004 and, after getting settled in the first year, successfully raised the first two Ayers Island ospreys in 2005. Since then, a total of 16 ospreys have been born, making it one of the most productive nests in the Lakes Region.

Eastman Falls Hydro Station

PSNH’s Hydro Generation division logged another successful year in 2011, finishing 7 percent ahead of its long-term average of generation output. PSNH owns and operates nine hydroelectric facilities throughout New Hampshire. These 100 percent renewable energy resources combine to produce 65 megawatts of electricity for PSNH customers.