PSNH now projects that, except for isolated situations, all customers will have power restored by midnight tonight.

Customers are reminded to report any new outage, or report their existing outage again if their neighborhood has power but they do not. There could be damage to their home service wire, which connects their home and meter to the nearest utility pole. To report an outage, customers can call 1-800-662-7764 or report online at www.psnh.com.

11:00 p.m. Update

Public Service of New Hampshire (PSNH) reports very good progress as of late Wednesday evening, 48 hours after the impact of Hurricane Sandy left 137,000 customers without power. With the help of crews from Hydro Québec (HQ) and from as far away as Texas and Oklahoma, power has been restored to most customers – with 21,500 remaining, mainly in the hard hit region along the southern I-93 corridor. Crews will continue working overnight, and PSNH expects that its restoration will be substantially completed by Friday evening.

The effort to restore all customers was accelerated Wednesday with the first wave of crews from Hydro Québec.  Northeast Utilities Chief Executive Officer  and President Tom May, along with PSNH President Gary Long, were on hand in Manchester to welcome the Canadian crews and thank them for their cooperation and skillful assistance.