This has been a difficult season for the Ayers Island Ospreys.

The regular female returned from her long migration on April 5. Perhaps as many as three males (and perhaps a 2nd female) have been fighting over the nest for more than a month. Local Osprey experts are not certain whether the regular male returned and was temporarily ousted by another male or whether he failed to return and all the males involved are new young males.

An Ayers Island osprey

Three osprey chicks were hatched and are being raised at the nest adjacent to the PSNH Ayers Island hydroelectric facility. The birds can be viewed on a streaming web camera.

This season marks the ninth year we’ve been watching the ospreys at Ayers Island. They first arrived in 2004 and, after getting settled in the first year, successfully raised the first two Ayers Island ospreys in 2005. Since then, a total of 16 ospreys have been born, making it one of the most productive nests in the Lakes Region.