plan before you plant

Today is Arbor Day and plenty of our neighbors will spend the weekend planting new trees in their yards. But what kind of tree should you plant? Shopping for saplings in a nursery is nice, but just like browsing catalogue photos on your iPad, you really don’t get a sense of what a tree will look like in the real world. You need something more like a showroom. With that in mind, we invite you to visit the Utility Arboretum at the Urban Forestry Center in Portsmouth.

Rose Eppard and Rich Chagnon

The new Memorial Bridge that will link Portsmouth and Kittery is now one step closer to a bright future. The Memorial Bridge Project announced this week that PSNH will donate $40,000 to its $200,000 illumination project to light the new bridge with LEDs.

PSNH has donated $10,000 to the African Burying Ground Memorial Park in Portsmouth, becoming one of its first major corporate donors.