Press Release

PSNH Prepares for Expected Blizzard Conditions

MANCHESTER, NH (January 26, 2015) – As a potentially crippling and historic snow storm with blizzard-like conditions is expected in New Hampshire Monday and Tuesday, Public Service of New Hampshire is preparing to address any storm-related power outages. The significant snowfall and high winds predicted can bring down trees and limbs, threatening the company’s electric system. Customers are encouraged to prepare for the possibility of prolonged outages that may result from the storm.

The company is pre-staging employees and materials in locations across the state, and is preparing vehicles for safe travel on slippery roads and in poor weather conditions. In addition to PSNH's line workers and New Hampshire based contractors and tree crews, the company has also secured additional outside crews.

PSNH Energy Rate Filing Updated

Manchester, NH (December 15, 2014) – Public Service of New Hampshire today filed with state regulators a request to adjust its Energy Service Charge Rate on January 1st. The company is seeking an energy charge rate increase to 10.56 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh) from the current 9.87 cents/kWh. The request is not final; it must be approved by the N.H. Public Utilities Commission (NHPUC).

A main cause of the energy charge adjustment is the increase in the cost of fuel and energy needed to meet overall customer demand.  The filing includes a migration forecast that anticipates a number of customers currently served by independent energy suppliers returning to PSNH during periods of high market prices in order to save money.

PSNH Returns the Favor

MANCHESTER, N.H. (December 11, 2014) – More than two dozen PSNH personnel from all over the state, including line workers, supervisors, and support staff headed to Vermont this morning in response to a call for mutual aid from Green Mountain Power (GMP).

Just two weeks after GMP crews helped New Hampshire recover from the state’s fourth largest power outage, the Green Mountain State is now in restoration mode. This week’s nor’easter blanketed Vermont with heavy, wet snow, leaving customers without power across the service area.

PSNH is Prepared for Stormy Weather

MANCHESTER, N.H. (December 8, 2014) - We are keeping a close eye on the weather forecast today, and we are fully prepared to work to restore power should the snow, ice or wind impact our system and cause outages. The weather forecast is calling for a mix of rain, sleet, ice and snow beginning Tuesday, and increasing winds Tuesday afternoon into Wednesday.
All PSNH employees have been alerted to the potential for power restoration activity and are ready to respond if necessary.

In addition to our own PSNH line workers, we are pre-staging dozens of independent contractor line workers who will be ready to help restore power if necessary. The company also has about 180 New Hampshire–based tree workers in place and available to help clear roadways and power lines of trees and limbs, should the storm bring any down.

9 AM – PSNH System Restoration Efforts Substantially Complete

MANCHESTER, N.H. (November 30, 2014) – Thanks to the tireless work of more than 1,500 line workers and tree specialists, assisted by thousands of support personnel, PSNH is confident the vast majority of customers will have their power back by the end of the day. This is 24-hours ahead of the company’s original estimate and means a return to normal for most customers, including local schools and businesses, by Monday morning. Revised town-by-town restoration estimates are posted on our website to reflect the progress.

“We are pleased to have achieved substantial completion of our system restoration efforts ahead of our original estimate,” said William Quinlan, President and COO of PSNH. “We are committed to work tirelessly until every customer is restored. We greatly appreciate our customers’ understanding as we work to repair the damage caused by the fourth largest storm in our history.”

8:00 PM – PSNH Improves Systemwide Restoration Estimate By 24 Hours

MANCHESTER, N.H. (November 29, 2014) – Citing excellent progress in its restoration efforts since Thursday’s powerful winter storm impacted the region, PSNH is now confident crews will restore power to the vast majority of customers by Sunday night. This significant improvement from the company’s original estimate will mean a return to normal for most customers, including local schools and businesses, by Monday morning.

“We understand the hardship extended power outages cause, especially this time of year when the temperatures dip below freezing,” said Bill Quinlan, President of PSNH. “The tireless efforts of our workers and those who are assisting them will allow us to restore power to the vast majority of our customers sooner than we had projected.”

10:30 AM – 1,500+ Field Workers Push for Full Restoration

MANCHESTER, N.H. (November 29, 2014) – The vast majority of PSNH customers who lost power in this week’s snowstorm are now restored. Those who are still without power can now check the estimated time of restoration for their town. As of this morning, there were fewer than 40,000 customers still affected, down from a peak of about 207,000 on Thursday. Many communities will be fully restored today and tomorrow.

“We continue to make excellent progress towards substantially restoring our system by Monday,” said William Quinlan, President and COO of PSNH. “We are now pleased to release restoration estimates for each of the 211 communities that we serve.”

The focus today is shifting to restoring smaller and isolated outages, with service crews in the field to repair damage to individual customers.

10 PM - More than 1,000 Crew Members Working to Restore Power

Manchester, NH (November 28, 2014) – More than 1,000 line workers were in the field Friday to help restore power to all PSNH customers impacted by a devastating snow storm that hit New Hampshire on Wednesday and Thursday. An additional 200 line workers are expected Saturday, allowing the company to focus efforts in all of the areas still experiencing outages. In addition to the line workers, PSNH secured about 500 tree workers to help clear the way by removing fallen trees and limbs.

2:30 PM – Crews Make Major Strides in Restoration

MANCHESTER, N.H. (November 28, 2014) – More than half of the PSNH customers who lost power in the Thanksgiving snowstorm are now restored, thanks to the work of more than a thousand utility personnel from all over New England and beyond. Approximately 100,000 customers were reported without power as of mid-day Friday morning, down from a peak of about 207,000. That figure was expected to drop again significantly by the end of the day Friday, with global restoration—when the vast majority of customers will be restored—projected for Monday.

9 AM – Overnight Efforts Bring Back Customers

MANCHESTER, N.H. (November 28, 2014) – Hundreds of workers from New England and beyond worked throughout the night to repair damage caused by the wet, heavy, snow that blanketed the Granite State. Over the last 24 hours, half of the statewide outages have been restored—approximately 110,000 PSNH customers were reported without power as of Friday morning, down from a peak of about 207,000. 28,000 were restored overnight and crews will continue working for at least several more days until every customer is restored.