I have to do some digging but am worried I might hit underground power lines. What should I do?

Wait! Before lifting that shovel, dial 8-1-1. That’s the toll-free number to Dig Safe, a nonprofit clearinghouse that helps you work around utilities safely.

With New Hampshire being the most forested state in the country, it makes sense that falling tree limbs are the number one cause of power outages across the state. In order to maintain and improve reliability, PSNH pro-actively trims trees and vegetation near power lines that could cause power outages and poses a risk to public safety.

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How can I be better prepared to take care of my home and family during a storm?

Losing your power for even a short period of time can be frustrating, but the best way to stay comfortable for the duration of a prolonged event is to ensure that you are prepared ahead of time. One of the major issues during winter outages, of course, is dealing with freezing temperatures when your gas or oil furnace, or electric baseboards, are lacking electricity to run.

Steve Fuller

When Steve Fuller, PSNH’s new manager of Safety and Health, moved out of his parents’ house when he was 17 and moved into the Bellows Falls, Vermont firehouse, he had visions of one day becoming a full-time professional firefighter. But the voice of an influential friend, a change of course while at college, and an impressionable internship with a PSNH veteran changed everything.