social media

Becki and Joanne

National Customer Service Week

In ever-increasing numbers, PSNH customers are turning to social media applications, such as Twitter and Facebook, to not only get the most current information during a power outage, but to interact with Media Relations and Call Center employees who often can provide “instant” answers or guidance to common questions throughout the year.

Snack Time

So you decided to spend the weekend doing a little spring cleaning and while straightening out your closet, stumble upon a shoebox filled with old photographs. Two hours later, you’re still pawing through that box and wonder where the time got off to. “I can’t believe we used to dress like that!” turns into “I should really do something with all these photos…” But how many of us ever really do anything with them? Show of hands?

Linemen with cupcake

Chances are, you’ve probably seen PSNH’s new “We’re All Connected” ads. We’re sure you have your own “birthday” and “toast” moments too. PSNH is collecting photos from across the state using Pinterest, a new social media service which “lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web.”