vegetation management

tree trimming

With 11,000 miles of overhead distribution lines in the most forested state in the country, year-round tree trimming in New Hampshire is a high priority for PSNH to maintain and improve system reliability. Through July, out of 2,700 miles of lines to be covered in 2014, PSNH had trimmed 1,700 miles and removed more than 9,000 hazard trees.

plan before you plant

Today is Arbor Day and plenty of our neighbors will spend the weekend planting new trees in their yards. But what kind of tree should you plant? Shopping for saplings in a nursery is nice, but just like browsing catalogue photos on your iPad, you really don’t get a sense of what a tree will look like in the real world. You need something more like a showroom. With that in mind, we invite you to visit the Utility Arboretum at the Urban Forestry Center in Portsmouth.

Tree Trimming

I have a tree that is near my power line. What should I do?

As these last blissful days of summer come to a close and we inch closer to the fall and winter season, I find that we all become more aware of the trees and their proximity to the power lines. I’d like to touch on some factors we consider when a condition is reported, so we can resolve isolated problems before they get worse.

PSNH Mobile on iPhone

The start of fall is a season of heightened awareness for PSNH employees involved in storm restoration. Slightly more than a year after Irene knocked out power to 125,000 customers, and coming up on the anniversary of the bizarre Snowtober when up to 237,000 customers were without power, PSNH departments believe they are more prepared than ever for whatever the elements throw at New Hampshire in the coming months.

Several PSNH employees gathered together to package up Douglas fir seedlings that are destined to be planted by kids around the western and central region of New Hampshire.