PSNH News Press Release

Hurricane Sandy Restoration Complete

More Than 137,000 Customers Restored in Three Days

MANCHESTER, N.H. (November 2, 2012) – Only three days after Hurricane Sandy caused widespread damage across New Hampshire, Public Service of New Hampshire (PSNH) has completed its restoration efforts and has sent a contingent of crews to aid restoration efforts in Connecticut.

The impact of Hurricane Sandy resulted in the fourth highest number of outages in PSNH’s 86 year history. At the peak of the storm, about 137,000 customers were without power, surpassing the peak of 125,000 from Hurricane Irene. Overall, Hurricane Sandy knocked out power to more than 8 million electric customers from Maryland to Maine.

“Thanks to the hard work of all the crews and support personnel, as well as the cooperation of communities, we were able to restore power to customers impacted by Hurricane Sandy in record time,” said PSNH President Gary Long. “This restoration was completed in less time than our work after Storm Irene in 2011, despite having more damage across our system.”

PSNH completed its restoration efforts to all customers, except for a handful of isolation situations, by midnight on Thursday. The three-day restoration effort began in earnest on Tuesday morning after Hurricane Sandy battered New Hampshire with heavy rains and strong winds for much of Monday and into the early morning hours of Tuesday. 

With millions of electric customers out across the eastern seaboard, crew resources for the storm were at premium from the start of the restoration effort. PSNH requested significant assistance from other utilities and contractors, but due to the extraordinary reach of the storm’s devastation, only 80 crews from as far away as Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, and Missouri were initially available to assist the more than 100 PSNH and local contractor line crews and 100 tree trimming crews already in place. However, the restoration efforts received a critical boost on Wednesday and into Thursday as 75 crews from Hydro Quebec arrived and were immediately deployed across the state.

“The arrival of crews from Hydro Quebec came at a critical time in the restoration and allowed us to shave at least one day off our estimated time of restoration for customers,” said Long. “Each time Public Service of New Hampshire and Northeast Utilities has asked for help from Hydro Quebec, they have been there to help. The experience, quality, and commitment of their crews has been critical to our efforts to restore power to our customers during these major weather events.”

With the power back on in New Hampshire, 42 PSNH crews headed to Connecticut today to help the restoration efforts of Northeast Utilities sister company Connecticut Light and Power.

PSNH is New Hampshire's largest electric utility, generating and distributing clean electricity for more than 500,000 homes and businesses in an environmentally friendly manner. PSNH is a Northeast Utilities company (NYSE:NU).

November 2nd 2012