Hurricane Sandy

Advance Preparation Keys Rapid Restoration


Only three days after Hurricane Sandy caused widespread damage across New Hampshire on October 29, 2012, PSNH completed its restoration efforts to all customers, except for a handful of isolated situations, by midnight on Thursday, November 1.

While the impact of Hurricane Sandy resulted in the fourth highest number of outages in PSNH’s 86-year history, yet again among New England utilities that had more than 100,000 customers without power, PSNH was the first to restore power to its affected customers. At the peak of the storm, about 137,000 customers were without power, surpassing the peak of 125,000 from Tropical Storm Irene.

Thanks to the hard work of all the crews and support personnel, as well as the cooperation of communities, we were able to restore power to customers impacted by Hurricane Sandy in record time. This restoration was completed in less time than our work after Storm Irene in 2011, despite having more damage across our system.
—Gary Long, PSNH President

Storm Report

PSNH’s storm report presents a detailed overview of the company’s preparation for Sandy, how another record-setting restoration effort was achieved, and the vital importance, yet great uncertainty from storm to storm, of mutual aid resources.